VIDEO: Justin Bieber Gets Attacked At Macy’s


Justin Bieber appeared at a Macy’s in New York to promote his new cologne, and when he came outside to acknowledge the legions of fans who couldn’t get inside the building, a man apparently jumped a barrier and tackled Biebs to the ground, leaving him “not injured” but “very shaken up.”

Here’s video of the incident, shot by several very fortunate filmers who’ve very unfortunately incurred the wrath of online Biebermania with their goofy in-the-moment laughing and comments Though to be fair, this video is more than a little nuts:

Yeesh, it’s harder to figure out who’s fighting who here than in the last Transformers movie. But after Zapruder-film’ing this over and over about 20 times, I think I maybe got the gist of it? The gist being, Justin Bieber has many many fans.

Still, why would someone want to physically assault The Biebs? Was this dude unleashing some rage after he Tweeted a sentence with “Bieber” in it and his account’s been getting spammed relentlessly ever since? Or is he just jealous of GENUINE MAGIC?

The attacker’s punishment should just be having his photo posted as a Youtube video on Bieber’s account and being forced to read the comments for the next 12 months.

(via Gawker)

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