Ryan Dunn’s Blood Alcohol Levels Way Over The Legal Limit When He Crashed


We’ve truly been sorry about reporting about Ryan Dunn‘s death. His body went for an autopsy this week to figure out whether or not he was driving under the influence when he crashed his Porsche 911, killing both himself and his passenger, Zachary Hartwell. Apparently, Ryan was driving at speeds between 132-140 MPH when the horrific accident happened.

Unfortunately, West Goshen’s, Pennsylvania (an area close to where the crash happened), Chief of Police Michael Carroll has revealed the results of Dunn’s toxicology report and it’s not good. Ryan’s blood alcohol levels were at an astounding .196. The legal limit in the state of Pennsylvania  is .08, which makes him approximately two-and-a-half times over. No other substances were found in his blood, though. And before people start talking about Roger Ebert was right about his  “drink and drive” tweet concerning Ryan, we agree about what he said. We just didn’t agree with how he said it.

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