Gabe & Max Like The Internet – Episode 7


Pop quiz, baby enthusiasts! Would you rather:
A) See a baby fail miserably while attempting to play a harmonica?
B) See a lion fail miserably at trying to eat a baby?

If your answer was A, B, or C —classic trick question maneuver, even though I didn’t give you that option, C was naturally “All Of The Above”!— you’re in luck! This week’s hee-haw-larious episode of Gabe & Max Like The Internet contains both of these clips, as well as a few others for good measure. It’s Friday, what could possibly be the harm in wasting a few minutes at work by pressing play on the video above before you go do shots with your friends? (Bonus: The contents of this video will not only make you laugh, but also serve as excellent icebreaker talk for you to use at the bar later. As in, “Hey, did you see the video of that adorable baby foil a lion’s plot to eat him?” Use that line, you’re guaranteed to get digits*.)

Camera Fail [YouTube]
Dancing Cop [YouTube]
Machine Destroys Everything [YouTube]
Baby Learns The Harmonica [HuffPo]
Lion Tries To Eat A Baby [YouTube]

*And by “guaranteed,” we really mean “not guaranteed.” Just so we’re kosh…

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