Kim Kardashian Gets X-Ray To Prove Her Ass Is Real, Making Me Begin To Suspect That Her Ass Is Not Real


Kim Kardashian’s ass: It’s the major topic of discussion at every phantom ass-shaped watercooler inside Kim Kardashian’s head. But the question that like two websites probably asked four years ago remains unanswered: Is Kim’s Legendary ass real?

To finally put this quASStion to bed, because people are just talking about it all the time, Kim Kardashian got an ass x-ray and uploaded the picture online:

Ehhhhhhhhhhhh… I have two reasstions:

1) I never began to suspect that the ass of Kim Kardashian might in fact somehow be a fake ass until she went very far out of her way to prove that her ass is not a fake ass. It’s almost like the “I’m not racist, but…” preface to a sentence that instantly makes you assume that person is racist (before you’re always proven right). Only in this case, “butt” has two Ts and racism equals fakeness.

2) Does that photo actually prove anything? How do we know that the blown-out blueish image is genuine ass-cartilage and not, like, whatever they make fake asses out of? Lady In The Water-screenplay pulp? Conclusion: Fake. CAN’T FOOL THIS INTERNET GUY, medical science.

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