Miley Grabbed In Concert By Tiniest, Most Dedicated Fan


Remember when Miley Cyrus declined to tour in the U.S. because she is getting “the most love” in Australia and South America? Guess she didn’t count on all that love bolting past security and grabbing her on-stage. Miley Cyrus’s fan attack came during a concert in Melbourne this week, when a small adoring fan sprinted up to the singer and tried to put her arm around her. So, what, people would see concert picture and think they were best friends? Despite being yanked away by a bodyguard and Miley being hustled off stage, the phantom side-hugger managed to escape into the crowd, thereby making herself a legend to in the minds of delusional tweens everywhere.

Miley laughed off the incident after returning to the stage, joking later in the show, “I’ve never been so thankful to have young fans who jumped from [the arena’s balcony] onto my back. This next song is for all my crazy fans out there that are awesome.” Don’t encourage this kind of thing, woman! This all seems eerily similar to Justin Bieber’s undercover cop incident, though there’s not much chance Miley’s fan was secretly a police officer, unless we’re talking about some kind of Doogie Howser-style tween genius cop situation. In which case, we guess that girl earned that side-hug for her years of service to Australia.


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