PHOTOBOMB: Alexander Skarsgård, You In Danger Gurl


[Photo: Getty Images]

TheFabLife/Lindsay Robertson brings us the best photobomb of 2011, taken at the True Blood afterparty. Yes, there’s Amanda Seyfried beggggggggggggggin Alexander Skarsgård to kiss her (having met him once myself, I can say that it is impossible not to make this face around him). (In fact, I think I crab-walked up to him with a claw outstretched, that is how intimidating he is.) (Back to the post.)

You might notice something amiss the background of this convivial pic… True Blood‘s biggest fan. Not just the show. An actual fan of blood. Specifically, Skarsgård blood. She wants to put it on her face as a beard and then wish kids a Merry Christmas while listening to “If Ever You’re In My Arms Again.” It’s not a big deal, a lot of people do that in their basements.

Alex, if you’re reading this — Hi! — also:

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