Rihanna Getting Sued Twice Over S&M Video For Copyright Infringement


Photographer Phillip Paulus is furious with Rihanna.  So much so, that he’s going to drag her into court. He’s accusing her of ripping off his ideas and using them in her S&M video! Apparently he has a series of fashion photographs called “Paperworld” which he claims have turned up, identical in each minute detail, in Ri-Ri’s video! His lawyers are taking the copyright infringement very seriously, which could mean big trouble for the singer.

Phillip isn’t shying away from talking about the screw up. He’s stated, “Why a worldwide celebrity is not able to afford a creative director, who creates individual concepts and staging, is incomprehensible for me. To create new things within the creative cosmos, you can only expect this to come from a real genius, there is no doubt about that.” And then comes the real blow which literally made us go “ouch:” “However, in this case there is no real genius who created their own work instead they stole ideas from a creative talent. Furthermore every other creative professional should realize how supremely embarrassing it is to copy the work of colleagues from the artistic world and then to  be praised for it.”

In Paulus’s Paperworld, there are images of a model wearing a flouncy gown pinned back by a sheet of plastic. She’s surrounded by black tape X’s on the wall that she’s pushed up against. The same imagery and placing is in Rihanna’s video as well. It depicts a model in a poofy gown trapped against a wall by a sheet of plastic, surrounded by big X’s made out of black tape. In it, Rihanna also wears a big dress and is constricted by a layer of plastic against a wall, with nearly identical X’s around her. Uber-photog David LaChappelle has sued Rihanna as well, for the same video and the same copyright infringement issue. He claimed she appropriated the “composition, total concept, feel, tone, mood, theme, colours, props, settings, decors, wardrobe and lighting” of some of his work.

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