The 5 Most Inspirational Oprah Winfrey Tatts


Our internet pal FSBigBob alerted us to a man named Gordon Downs who sacrificed one of his appendages in order to get Oprah Winfrey’s sacred visage tattooed to himself. And not just any Oprah… but like gorgeous, fully face bloomed circa 1980s Oprah. I thought to myself “Surely he has to be the only person on Earth with huge tattoo of Oprah Winfrey!” and then the internet was like “PSYCHE there are pah-lenty of them.” *side-eye*

Here are the most inspirational Oprah tattoos you will ever see. #1 even features LIVE VIDEO of Gordon’s Oprah tattoo-vaganza. Needless to say, this list will surely top Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012. Speaking of which…

5. The “Favorite Things Oprah” Tattoo

4. The “Shiny Oprah” Tattoo

3. The “Freckled Ope” Tattoo

2. The “Thing Oprah Loves To Do The Most” Tattoo


And here’s video of this masterpiece getting put on this person’s bod. 10 percent of us wants to believe it’s real…