Why, Emily Browning? Why Would You Wear This?


Emily Browning is 22 years old. A spring chicken, if you must. We’re not saying she should drape herself in fuchsia or insane tribal prints, but we’re pretty sure a drab grey shouldn’t be her first choice of color. This outfit is so depressing in so many ways. Okay, so it’s Louis Vuitton and she’s at the amfAR Inspiration gala in Paris — shouldn’t that invoke “fabulous?” Instead she picks a shorts-playsuit combination that is so Dickensian that we feel like calling her Oliver Twist. Don’t even get us started on the sheer knee socks. Or the fact that the shorts are Easy Ways To Camel Toe 101.

Emily — you’re gorgeous, young and have skin, a face and a hot boyfriend (Max Irons, hello) to die for. Lighten the frock up! We like you far too much to see you dressed like this. If you think we’re being way harsh — tough. We kid, you can totally tell us off (or support our fashion policing) in the poll below!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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