Green Lantern Sequel On The Way, Whether We Want One Or Not


Apologies to the one(s) of Green Lantern fans who might have seen the movie, but the announcement of a Green Lantern sequel seems like the opposite of what America wants, i.e. for someone to remind them of who or what the Green Lantern is again. The Hollywood Reporter claims that, while Warner Bros. was “somewhat disappointed” with the $89.3 million the movie has pulled in since it’s release, the studio reportedly still “believes in the franchise.” While that amount seems like it would be enough to keep Peter Sarsgaard in giant prosthetic foreheads for another go around, apparently the movie made drastically less money their second weekend at the box office.

Critics doubted a Green Lantern sequel was in the works, suggesting that Ryan Reynolds might be better suited for comedies like the upcoming The Change-Up with Jason Bateman and, we’re assuming, Van Wilder 3: Tokyo Drift. Maybe it’s just us, but we blame that red alien guy with the magician beard from the trailer. Nothing good could come from a movie featuring him.

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