Reasonable Man Blames Jerry Seinfeld And The Marriage Ref For His Divorce


47-year-old New Yorker Howie Kohlenberg is blaming his recent divorce on Jerry Seinfeld’s NBC show The Marriage Ref, claiming that after appearing on the show, his wife’s exposure to reality tv caused her to pursue a career in show business and ruined their relationship.

Turns out, The Marriage Ref isn’t all just glamour and confusion and celebrities politely laughing to promote their projects:

“The headline should read, ‘Jerry Seinfeld ruined my life: the danger of reality shows,’ ” Kohlenberg said.

Not only does the beauty-products salesman claim his sexy 37-year-old wife ditched him and their 4½-year-old son to chase a dream of starring in a “Real Housewives”-style reality show, he also says he went bankrupt and is now facing eviction.

“Jerry, Mr. Billionaire, I blame. And his show,” he said.

Are you happy, Jerry “MISTER BILLIONAIRE” Seinfeld? Playing with peoples’ lives from atop Mount Billionaire, where you live? These are REAL MISTERS you’re billionairing with. Sounds like Jerry Seinfeld needs a ref of NOT RUINING LIVES.

Although to be fair, I’d divorce someone if I found out they enjoyed The Marriage Ref, let alone appeared on it. And when I saw Bee Movie on tv, I really wanted to divorce someone for that but no one was around. Instead I just hate bees now. Especially married ones.

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