Meet Hugh Hefner’s New Girlfriend: Shera Bechard


Crystal Harris is yesterday’s news. Hugh Hefner‘s already moved on to another blonde, and she’s not Anna Sophia Berglund. Keeping true to his string of nearly identical girlfriends, Hef’s newest lady is Shera Bechard. He explained it all on Twitter when he tweeted about who exactly his mystery lady was, writing, “Shera is both our November 2011 Playmate & my new girlfriend…” That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? The Hef is taken. He’s sounding quite moony in his tweets to Shera writing endearments like, “It was a fun night, but we missed you, Shera” and “Goodnight, darling.”

In case you’re wondering, Bechard is also an actress who starred in a movie called Sweet Karma two years ago. And no, we haven’t heard of it and nor do we plan to seek it out. But we do wish Hef well with his new relationship. We’re not sure it’s going to stay singular for too long because we all know how he likes a bevy around him.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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