Pamela Anderson Sued For Personal Appearance Screw-Ups


Who’s suing for what? Here’s the short version. Pamela Anderson sued ex-boyfriend Laurence Hallier for not giving her a promised condo in Las Vegas. They made a deal together and if that deal wasn’t honored on his behalf, he was supposed to give Pam $1 million in compensation. Now, the problem is that Laurence is saying Pamela didn’t honor the deal and she owes him money.

Hallier’s company built Panorama Towers in Vegas five-six years ago. She signed a deal in 2006 saying that she would make personal appearances to promote the buildings and would therefore, get a condo there as payment. Hallier says that Pamela didn’t show up at all for a number of appearances and thus, flaked on their agreement. She should not only forget about getting a pad, but Hallier’s countersuing Pamela for her inability to market the condos (by showing off her condos, hah, we kid), as she had promised. He claims that his company has suffered losses because of her screw-ups. And guess how much he’s suing her for! $22.5 million! That’s the amount he alleges she cost him. Ouch. Thinking twice about having sued him, aren’t you, Pam?

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