Taylor Swift Morphs Into Nicole Kidman On Teen Vogue Cover


You see it too, right? We’re not imagining things? Taylor Swift looks exactly like Nicole Kidman on the August 2011 cover of Teen Vogue. Someone in Hollywood needs to be writing these two a mother-daughter indie drama set in Nashville, stat. The cover story inside has the kind of quotes we’ve come to expect from the blond beauty. You know, stuff like, “I love getting ready: the makeup, the dresses. I write lyrics on my arm for every show,” and this description of her favorite show outfit: “It’s long and sparkly and a total princess dress.”

But when she’s not ODing on twee she also reveals some redeeming things too, like an obsession with the show Teen Mom and the app CatPaint. When she’s not being too precious for words, she’s just like us! Check out more pics at TeenVogue.com.

[Photo: TeenVogue]


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