Jake Gyllenhaal’s Episode Of Man Vs Wild Looks Hot, Frost-Bitten


It’s like Brokeback Mountain 2, minus the sweet man love and with 100 times more glaciers. During Jake Gyllenhaal’s Man vs Wild episode promo, host Bear Grylls and Jake visit Iceland to teach wilderness folk and Donnie Darko fans how to dine on dead goat carcass, shimmy across a canyon on a zipline and carve a capital H in the frost. We’re assuming the H is an attempt to spell out, “How is it possible for me, Jake Gyllenhaal, to be this hot in sub-degree temperature?” Or to signal a plane for help. Who knows? “It takes balls. I’m not joking,” Bear warns the End of Watch star. “Well, they’re right up in my throat right now,” Jake responds. Aaaaaaand this is our new favorite show.

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