10 Awesome Screenshots From One Dog Food Commercial


This mostly innocuous Freshpet Select commercial made me laugh, particularly the line “You don’t feed your family dried food from a paper bag…why feed it to your dog?” (Rhetorical answer: because it’s a dog and doesn’t know what’s anything?) I looked the commercial up online to watch it again, only to find out that not only is this voiceover hilarious, but every shot in the ad is practically perfect, like some intricately-filmed 30-second Citizen Canine.

Below, here are 10 Amazing Screenshots From This One Dog Food Commercial, provided solely for the purpose of answering the question “Why should we care about 10 screenshots from one dog food commercial? Answer: Because they’re these —

1. Huhh? Dog

2. Huhh? Dog II: The Huhhquel

3. Post-Apocalyptic Dinner

4. Kid

5. Kid (Enhanced)

6. Broccoli, Carrots, Purple Stuff…Grab The Freshpet!

7. Fresh…Blob?

8. Stalker

9. Doggie Heaven

10. Dog Is Now Happy!

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