Tyrese Defends Megan Fox, Recalls His Own Run-Ins With Michael Bay


From director Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg firing her to news of a Shia LaBeouf Megan Fox hook-up, it it seems like Megan Fox was going get trashed in the press until they ran out of Transformers sequels to promote (in the year 2562).  Luckily, it seems only 98% of her coworkers have something personally embarrassing to say about her, because former co-star Tyrese defends Megan Fox as a nice person. “Megan is a sweet girl. I’ve never had an issue with her. It’s always been good,” Tyrese told Popeater’s Rob Shuter. “I know people are talking a lot of mess about her, but I just hope she has a strong stomach.” Well, Fox had to be sort of used to getting insulted in the news; she was, after all, in more than one Michael Bay movie.

Maybe Tyrese is particularly understanding because he was on the receiving end of the same tyrannical directing habits that Megan Fox’s Hitler comments were trying to (offensively) describe. “He’s very aggressive with himself. Very demanding of himself. He has very high expectations of not just the cast, but the crew,” Tyrese says of director Bay. “He’s cursed me out a few times. I cursed him out back. I don’t really curse people out in person. I tend to do it through email. He curses me out in person.” The truth comes out! Hmm, maybe it’s better that all these scandalous secrets leak out. This way we won’t be totally shocked when Shia LeBeouf admits to a hot and heavy fling with almost all of the Decepticons.

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