Katt Williams’ Bodyguard Guns Down Family’s Dog


The Katt Williams crazy train is making all stops across the Continental U.S. this summer, and everyone’s invited! Just whatever you do, do not bring your pets. Allegedly Katt Williams’ bodyguard shot a dog at a Jack-in-the-Box in Arizona; a German Shepard named Lester, the pooch pulled lose from his owner and bit the security detail, who reacted in just about the worst way possible. Even more bizarrely, after apologizing, Katt returned from his tour bus with a Mastiff puppy and attempted to give it to the horrified family. “Katt Williams came outside and told us that he [the bodyguard] will be fired immediately,” the family told TMZ. “We are devastated right now.” So, worst random celebrity sighting ever, yes?

The incident closely follows Katt Williams’ arrest for felony intimidation of a witness after blocking the escape route of a maintenance worker who was being pelted with rocks earlier this June, an encounter that looks a friendly handshake in comparison. According to the maintenance worker’s 911 call, Williams has a bizarrely high opinion of himself, reporting, “The guy claims to be the second most important black guy on the face of the earth.” If Katt can get arrested once a month, carry around puppies in case someone in his entourage murders a pet, and still come out as running up, we would love to hear a detailed explanation of who, exactly, is the first. Don’t worry; we’ll wait.

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