The ‘Look Who’s Talking’ Reunion That Will Never Happen


Things are very different from the days when Look Who’s Talking was an awesomely offbeat Amy Heckerling movie that was — and remains — super-duper weirdsies, but very, very entertaining. What a strange concept: an entire movie about talking babies! The franchise spurred no less than three sequels, and there was even a sitcom called Baby Talk that last two seasons and featured the voice of Tony Danza. The voice of Tony Danza, meaningwe never got to see him tap dance! ): ): ):

The original Look Who’s Talking movies, however, feature Kirstie Alley and John Travolta in the lead roles as two boisterous New Yorkers whose stars cross and they fall in love and raise baby geniuses together. Both actors have seen their careers struggle since then, although Travolta found a resurgence in Pulp Fiction and Kirstie Alley in screaming about how fat she is before Dancing With The Stars (and both openly worship space mnsters practice Scientology).

The duo reunited for a picture over the weekend, in which they “[tried to act like adults…Flunk,” according to Kirstie’s Twitter (apparently, Captain Johnny flew Kirstie home on his own jet because the boys love to see him in a pilot’s uniform) (by “the boys,” we mean his wife, Kelly Preston, to whom John Travolta is deeply attracted).

And while this is probably the closest we’ll see to the two reprise their roles as James and Mollie, we’ll take anything. SOMEONE FIND A TALKING BABY!

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