Oakland A’s To Host M.C. Hammer Bobblehead Night


When it comes to topical baseball promotions, there just aren’t many that make more sense than the Oakland A’s giving away M.C. Hammer Bobbleheads on July 17th, 2011, aka “National M.C. Hammer Day” aka “Actually Just Kidding It’s Not At All”:

On July 17, MC Hammer will be getting another high honor but this time it won’t be from the world of music [Ed Note: Duh.]. Hammer worked as a clubhouse assistant for his hometown squad Oakland Athletics between 1973 and 1980 and the MLB squad will be the first baseball team to award a bobblehead doll to a rapper.

I wonder how much they had to pay Hammer to use his likeness? I’m guessing somewhere in the ballpark of $3.50, or roughly his appearance fee for the Cash 4 Gold ad (adjusted for inflation).

The A’s are hosting M.C. Hammer Bobblehead Night as part of the team’s “80s Weekend” promotion, even though the majority of Hammer’s success came in the 90s. Perhaps it’s just Hammer’s latest attempt to travel back to the beginning of his career to remind his past self to invest more wisely? But then that’d create a paradox and I wouldn’t be typing this joke. Oh no! Please Hammer, don’t create a rift in the space-time continuum (‘em)!

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