The Hunger Games Book Club Week 6: Rue Dies, We Cry


Here we are, drying our weepy eyes as we offer up this latest installment of our Hunger Games Book Club. This week we are covering the events surrounding Rue’s death (Chapters 17-18), and all the “holy s**t!” things that go down. Let the recap begin — but first let us dry our eyes.

1. RIP RUE. The little songbird’s death is the most crushing moment in the entire book for us. It was naive of us to ever think she and Katniss could both survive, but admit it — you were wishing for that to happen too. We’re currently counting the months until we get to witness Jennifer Lawrence (as Katniss) singing over Rue’s dying form as she places wildflowers around her. Oh the tears we will cry into our buttery popcorn.

2. OMG YOU GUYS KATNISS AND PEETA CAN BOTH LIVE!!! Writing in all caps hardly conveys the excitement we feel over this news, no matter how manipulative the move is on the Capitol’s part.

3. How do you solve a problem like Cato?* This guy again. Ugh, this guy! You know the dude that a lot of your friends are friends with but he totally creeps you out and you don’t get why your other friends like him? Ding ding ding, that’s Cato! “His rage is so extreme it might be comical…if I didn’t know that it was aimed at me,” says Katniss. (Page 224) Yep, nothing funny about that.

*Answer: You kill him. Come on Katniss, get on it gurl.

4. Katniss, yer transformation into a cold-hearted killing machine is kinda scurrin’ us. Oh no wait, we love it. We’re all in agreement that the whole point of this story is to demonstrate the negative effects of societal voyeurism and a culture that makes death a sport, right? We all get that it’s commenting our own obsession with reality TV and celebrity and our lust for spectacle and personal tragedy. Got it. Obviously a person placed in this environment will shift and change and become hardened (Lindsay Lohan), and yes, that’s what’s going on with Katniss. But it doesn’t mean her new vengeful vibe isn’t freaking us a bit. At the same time, we also flove it. “Something happened when I was holding Rue’s hand, watching the life drain out of her. Now I am determined to avenge her…” (Page 242) We used to be kinda hard on Katniss for not being able to romantically connect with anyone, but we are now much more aware as to why this is. Girl’s got murder, death, revenge and survival on the brain.

5. “I see you creating a game in which teenagers are forced to kill each other and I’m like, ‘F**k You.'” There were two major “Eff You, Capitol” moves in these two chapters which had us fist pumping and shouting “Viva La Revolucion!” The first, obviously, was Katniss decorating Rue’s body in wildflowers so, “they’ll have to show it.” Forcing the world to watch as she shames the Capitol? Smooth. Also smooth? District 11 rewarding her protection of Rue with a simple loaf of bread, making it first time a district has gifted a player from another district. It’s a delicious way to make a point. Also we really wish a loaf of bread would drop from the sky into our arms right now. Just, you know, if the Universe is reading this…HINT HINT.

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