Vinny Leaves The Jersey Shore, Possibly For Good


Ah, Vinny: the Jersey Shore’s forgotten child. Not quite as naively insane as Snooki, not so genuinely douche-tacular as The Situation, but always ready to violently waffle between sweet lug and dead-eyed smoosh hunter. Alas, his days of fixing the downstairs toilet might be over, as according to TMZ Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Guadagnino packed up his bags Friday following a fight with a cast member (almost certainly Ronnie, right?) and high-tailed it back to to Staten Island. Vinny was reportedly feeling “burned out,” which, to complicate matters, is also a side effect of massive doses of self-tanner.

However, in case you’re suspecting a repeat of Sammi‘s infamous escape and return in JS season three, sources are reporting that is Vinny is out for good. “We don’t comment on series while they are in production but viewers can be assured they will have answers when Season 5 premieres,” MTV responded. However, a source allegedly told US Weekly, “I don’t think he will be back.” Of course we won’t be seeing season 5 for months, so by that time the only question we might need answered is, “Who will Snooki hopelessly pine for now?”

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