Ben Affleck Allegedly Lost $400,000 In Secret Rich-People Poker Games


Remember how, for a brief shining moment, Tobey Maguire seemed like some kind of international playboy for raking it in at those secret famous people poker games? Ben Affleck’s gambling habits, on the other hand, kind of takes the shine off of his badassery. RadarOnline reports that at one point, The Town star ended up owing $400,000 to the president of Universal Studios Ron Meyer….all from one bad hand. “Ben busted big,” a source alleges. “He drummed up a giant tab, and then all of a sudden he disappeared from the game. He wasn’t seen for months.” So basically the same thing that happened after he made Jersey Girl, we take it?

For awhile, Affleck was even allegedly running his own poker nights in the early 2000s. “It was touted in the underground scene as ‘Ben’s Game’,” a source claims. “At the time, Ben wasn’t the most skillful player, it was almost like he was someone who felt they did not deserve the money they had. During the time period at the Havana Room, though, J.LO would call all the time desperately trying to track down her fiancé.” Hmm, we always wondered what happened between those two, though to be fair, up until now we just assumed the answer was also Jersey Girl.


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