Kellan Lutz Or Cap’n Carrot Top? We’ll Let You Decide


We can all agree that Kellan Lutz typically looks pretty fine, particularly in the chest-ular region. However, while visitng the Ciroc Cabana Club in the Hamptons earlier this week, the Twilight star was fighting the hot harder than he fought to get that sailor shirt on over his huge shoulders.

We don’t know what’s worse…okay, yes we do, it’s the bleached perm. Putting the locks aside for a moment, there’s also Kellan’s orange tan, nautical ensemble and rope belt to be taken into consideration. If you’re stranded on a ship at sea and your belt breaks, sure, go crazy. You can use an electrical cord if you want, but on dry land? What do you think? Do you see only Kellan’s hotness shining through his questionable clothing choices, or does he in fact look like Carrot Top, if Carrot Top’s mom sewed him an outfit out of an old American flag?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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