Megan Fox Shows Us Things You Can’t Do If You Have Botox!


Megan Fox shut down all Botox rumors about herself for good yesterday! In what we think is a pretty hilarious move, Megan uploaded an album on her official Facebook page called “Things You Can’t Do With Your Face When You Have Botox.” She then proceeded to scrunch that gorgeous mug of hers up to show *gaspohnoNOway*… wrinkles! Remember when Teri Hatcher did the same, wrapped in a towel of all things! On a side note — are Meg’s eyes really that blue? ‘Cause they’re just dreamy! Folks, just accept the fact that some people are just weirdly genetically gifted like that. Case closed. Although, we bet that pout of hers is going to start a collagen debate now!

[Photo via Megan Fox’s Facebook Page]

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