The Black Eyed Peas Are Taking An Indefinite Break


After having ruined both the Superbowl XLV halftime show and that classic song from Dirty Dancing, The Black Eyed Peas have apparently decided that there’s nowhere left to go and are taking an indefinite break from the music industry. The announcement came yesterday as the band played one of the final gigs of their world tour at England’s Alton Towers.

“This is a very special show for us,” Fergie told the 18,000 assembled fans, “Because it is the last time we’re going to be in England for a long time. We want you to know that we love you and thank you for the support you’ve given from the beginning.” Sadly, she didn’t go on to lead the band in a stirring rendition of “Edelweiss” (anyone? anyone?). “We’re going to be taking a break just like we did after we released Monkey Business in 2005 until we came back in 2009,” she continued from the stage. “But this isn’t going to be the last time you’ll see us.” took to his twitter to confirm the break, but claimed that it’s not the end of the Peas. “The @Bep will take a break after the beginning…just like we did from monkey business to the e.n.d…but it doesn’t mean we stop creating.” There will certainly be solo projects galore, but anyone who’s ever been broken up with knows that it always starts by “taking a break.”

Oh well, we’ll always have their music. And this classic image.  

[Photo: Getty Images]

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