Brazilian Soccer Player Fakes The Fakest Injury Ever Faked


Sunday’s exhilarating U.S.A. / Brazil Women’s World Cup quarterfinal match — in which the U.S. (down to 10 players) tied the game in extra time with the latest goal in World Cup history then won in penalty kicks — also featured THE WORST DIVE IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS.

Complaining about diving in soccer is like complaining about your flight being delayed or bewilderedly exclaiming “these Real Housewives are crazy!” (why isn’t it just a nice show about a bunch of calm wives?) ESPN is even airing ads making fun of soccer diving during commercial breaks at the Women’s World Cup.

That being said, though, this fake injury is particularly fakelarious — With Brazil ahead 2-1 in extra time, Brazilian player Erika suddenly fell to the ground with no one around her, writhed in pain for several minutes as the clock ran, and was ultimately carried off the field on a stretcher, then got up off the stretcher and ran back on the field to instantly resume play.

Watch the video after the jump. Knowing that the U.S. ended up winning makes it even more hilarious:

The Key Moments:

0:25 – Replay of Erika’s Injury, in which she makes light contact with someone, walks around for 10 seconds then crumples over in searing pain.

1:25 – Erika is carried off the field on a stretcher, then literally gets up off the stretcher and runs back on the field, which commentator Ian Darke, dripping with English sarcasm, dubbed “a miraculous recovery.”

After all that, the Americans ended up tying the game in the three minutes of extended time that the referee added on, likely as a direct result of the time wasted by this injury. So, take that, Erika. Oops, that insult literally just shattered her spine. She’s down again.