The Dark Knight Rises Poster Looks Great For Us, Bad For Gotham


Come July 2012, the citizens of Gotham are probably going to want to visit relatives in Florida. Maybe take the whole month of August off and rent a beach house. Whatever they do, The Dark Knight teaser poster, featured¬† on The Dark Knight Rises website, suggests that it’s going to be a cruel summer for the residents of Batman’s home town. On the other hand, the worse things are for them, the better and creepier it is for us the audience.

Not that we should be surpassed by this glimpse of the cataclysmic destruction in store. The Dark Knight teaser videos are equally disturbing, what with the terrifying chanting and so on, while the photo of Tom Hardy’s Bane suggests that director Christopher Nolan knows he has to go big or go home after Heath Ledger‘s amazing turn as the Joker. Seeing as how his brand of destruction was primarily ferry and/or hospital-related, here’s hoping everyone in the greater Gotham area uses their summer Fridays to get out of town. As for us, we’ll just have to use ours to get the satisfaction of knowing we didn’t waste our $12.50 on any old sub-par sequel.

[Photo: Warner Bros.]

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