Easily The Scariest Gum Commercial With Manboobs You Will Ever See (NSFW)


Do you ever watch commercials for gum and think, Wow, so much money went into that commercial, and it’s for gum, of all things? Like, thousands upon thousands of dollars will go into production of a commercial — often involving directors, producers, actors, stunt doubles, graphic design, animators, craft services, crew, etc. — all so that you might possibly decide that, yeah, you want to chew on that stuff for a while. Isn’t that crazy? There’s a very good chance that your yearly salary is far less than what it takes to create a thirty-second advertisement for GUM. What a world!

If you aren’t already chewing on Vivident Gum, perhaps a bone-chilling pair of visuals — perky manboobs and a human marionette puppet — might put the fear of the God of Gum (?) into you. We’ve got it, Vivident. You want us to pay attention. Good job. Now put the manboobs away and leave us to our Fruit Stripes (SO MANY COLORS).

NSFW video after the jump.

[via Hyper Vocal]

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