Olivia Wilde Credits Her Divorce With Her Fine Acting Skills


In case you had thought it was drama school or improv classes or total commitment to a role, it instead turns out that Olivia Wilde’s divorce is the impetus behind her fine acting. “It makes you a more empathetic person, and I think it’s made me a better actress. Weakness is something we don’t like to admit we have,” The Change-Up actress tells Marie Claire. “We hold it against people, until we experience it, and then we feel more compassion for it. David Shore, who created House, said, ‘You should get divorced every year; your acting’s never been better!'” Sort of a shame she didn’t get divorced before Tron: Legacy came out then, right? Oh, we Tron: Went There.

While ending things with husband Tao Ruspoli this past spring might have turned Wilde into an Oscar contender (in the Best Actress In A Body-Switching Comedy category), she claims it didn’t do wonders for her dating ability. “I’m trying to be adult, entering the shark pool of dating, but I’m hopeless at it,” Olivia explains. “I think of myself as being very cool and independent and not jealous, but I like clarity.” Hmmm, seeing as how the last two men Wilde has been connected with are Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper, we think she’s just being humble. Makes this divorce thing seem pretty tempting. Now we only need to get married, have it fall apart, then start reaping the rewards!

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