Paparazzi Busted For Chasing Down Paris Jackson


We can’t imagine how anyone could live with themselves by making money off making childrens’ lives hell. The levels of harassment are shocking. Two paparazzi were tailing Paris Jackson and were so hellbent on getting her pictures that they broke two red lights in the process, apart from driving like maniacs. Clearly, they have learnt nothing from Princess Diana‘s death. These car chases are terrifying and we can’t stress this enough: Paris is only 13 years old. She may be Michael Jackson‘s daughter, but she’s only just begun her teens.

Here’s the really sad part. The police couldn’t arrest them because they weren’t witness to the car chase. They can’t even cite them for like, reckless endangerment or something of the sort. The photographers were handcuffed for a short period of time but not hauled in. Which is such a travesty! Paris has the option to sue them in civil court, though.

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