Glee Getting Rid Of Stars For Fourth Season


When Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith‘s characters graduate from Glee‘s William McKinley High School next May, they will graduate from the hit show as well. Yep, the three stars are pursposefully being written off the show, says creator Ryan Murphy. “You can keep them on the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic,” he tells the Hollywood Reporter. “Or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year.”

It’s a ballsy move on Murphy’s part, but one that we respect. He clearly recognizes that Glee‘s success revolves around the premise and not just its talent — though it’s still a big loss for both the show and fans. Colfer in particular has seen a ton of success come his way, with hisĀ  Golden Globe win in January and an Emmy nomination today. Says Murphy, “We made that decision and I involved Chris and Lea and they thought that was a good idea. They both trust the writing and trust me and felt that it would be great to have an open and closed experience for them to go out while they were on top.”

Hit shows like Skins (the UK version) graduate their high school cast every two years and it’s still a hit. Glee may survive the transition forward — but will the fans?

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