The Hunger Games Book Club: Five Reasons Peeta Has Our Heart


We’re almost at the end of our Hunger Games Book Club,  and for our second to last installment we’re celebrating everything we love about Peeta. In chapters 19-22 Katniss stumbles upon her frenemy camouflaged like dirt and dealing with a massive leg wound. They begin to trust each other and fight for their mutual survival, with a strategy that involves fake romance…except that their feelings may just be real after all. The boy with the bread all but owns this section,  so let’s toast his sweet, loving ways, shall me? (Next week we finish up with Chapters 23-27!)

1. Peeta is suddenly sexy..and an ally. He asks Katniss, “You here to finish me off, sweetheart?” (Page 252)  when she discovers him hidden by camouflage. Who knew a baker’s son could be so charming while half-dead? Hint to all the fellas out there: don’t talk to us until you’ve got a gash on a leg and a smile on your face. That’s how we’ll know you’re worth our time.

2. Whether she likes it or not, Peeta brings out Katniss’ sensitive side. “Trying to be as gentle as I can, I remove his boots, his socks, and then very slowly inch his pants off of him.” (Page 255) Go get him, gurl! Okay we kid — there’s nothing sexual about stripping the hot guy who’s in love with you to clean his wound. We’ve spent the entire book watching Katniss slaughter people with her bow; it’s nice to see her be gentle for once.

3. He has a sense of humor even while half dead. You know THE moment: When Katniss is trying to wash his wounds and he whispers in her ear and asks for a kiss. And then a little while later he does it again! That is IT for us, guys. (And then they do kiss! Even if it’s just for show, we still squeeed. We are human after all.)

4. He tries to protect Katniss even though he can’t physically fight. When he discovers Katniss is trying to sneak off to the Cornucopia to obtain medicine that would heal his leg, he vows to follow her. “I’ll drag myself…You go and I’m going too.” (Page 275) Pretty sure that’s the kinda guy Salt N’ Pepa were singing about in “Whatta Man.” New lyrics: “You so crazy…I think I want risk getting my head bashed in by Cato to get you some medicine.”

5. The Boy With the Bread wins over The Girl on Fire. “And while I was talking, the idea of actually losing Peeta hit me again and I realized how much I don’t want him to die.” (Page 297) It slowly dawns on Katniss that Peeta really has had actual feelings for her all along. (Peeta’s story about watching her sing the valley song in school? WE DIE.) So fiction has become reality — or was reality real along? The only cure to this confusion is more kissing, please!

Next week we wrap up our Hunger Games Book Club! Hop on Twitter and tell us — what is your favorite Peeta moment from the book?

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