Brooke Mueller Allegedly Fights On Plane, Talks It Out With Charlie Sheen


They say every cloud has a silver lining, but who would have thought that lining would consist of a healthier relationship with Charlie Sheen? Let’s discuss the cloud part first , shall we? Earlier this week Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller got into a fight with the crew on a flight from L.A. to Cancun; the battle began when a flight attendant told Mueller she couldn’t use the bathroom during takeoff. It’s not certain whether Mueller was kicked off the plane or left of her own volition, but one thing is clear: a belligerent Brooke Mueller trying desperately to get into a bathroom isn’t a good look, if you get our drift.

In less depressing news, sources say Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are allegedly on speaking terms again, after months of dramatic declarations and near custody battles.  “They’re not together, they’re not hanging out regularly, but they have been talking,” a source told E! “Brooke went over to his house once and they talked about everything, mainly the kids. They are back on talking terms, that’s it. They are not back together in any sense other than sharing kids together.” As long as Charlie doesn’t stop Brooke from using the facilities, we bet these two will stay on decent terms. Oh, who are we kidding? That whole mansion must be like one giant bathroom, if you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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