Capital Children’s Choir Arguably Do “Judas” Better Than Gaga


Some would aruge that “Judas” was Lady Gaga‘s first commercial bomb. The second single of Born This Way is basically the aural equivalent of a hyperactive kid drinking Red Bull by the gallon at a rave. It’s a little bit much, and we’re not even talking about the overwhelming Catholic symbolism, which doesn’t do anything to squelch the Madonna comparisons.

Gaga fans, however, would attest that the song is flawless, and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s not a bad song at all (“Jud-ah-ju-da-ahs” is cool)! It’s just not “Bad Romance” or “Poker Face” (but, then again, that’s inherently unfair because how many times can anyone — an international superstar, no less — hit it out of the park?) (fair’s fair, right?).

Whatever. The best way to settle the argument is to let some awesome kids — namely, the Capital Children’s Choir — giveĀ  “Judas” the deliciously haunting choral treatment. HAPPY HALLOWEEN IN SUMMER!

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