What Does It Take To Make Gavin Degraw Feel Like A Man?


Singer Gavin Degraw stopped by VH1 headquarters recently, and I’m fairly sure 90 percent of it had to do with the delicious fig vodka I ply our Happy Hour guests with. The other 10 to 100 percent probably has a little something to do with Gavin’s upcoming album “Sweeter,” scheduled for release on September 6, and his brand new catchy single “Not Over You,” out right now.

And sure, Gavin might be on tour with Maroon 5 and Train at the moment. But hopefully that won’t get in the way of our now scheduled wedding in Uganda, a fake proposal that I might be taking slightly too seriously. (Wait, “you weirdo sicko” was a term of endearment, right?)

Indeed, Gavin and I really “hit it off” during this emotional rollercoaster of an interview, where we cover all the Happy Hour 101 basics. Like New York being shaped like a penis and Neil Diamond.

But why read these innocuous filler paragraphs when you can watch the ACTUAL interview? Here’s my Happy Hour with Gavin Degraw:

Part 2 of the Interview is ahead.

You can check out Gavin’s video for “Not Over You” over at VH1.com, and be sure to vote for it to see it on this week’s VH1′s Top 20!

And by the way, for those doubting whether or not the man of New York looks like a penis, I give you this.

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