Real-Life Gnome Shows Off World’s Largest Gnome Collection


Meet Ron Broomfield, aka “Ron The Gnome”, a retired window cleaner in the U.K. who currently sports the world’s largest gnome collection, featuring more than 1,600 model gnomes (crushing the second-place gnome collection by roughly 1,597 gnomes). Ron is also an actual gnome. I didn’t fact-check that last statement, but it appears evident. Lemme Google real quick… alright, didn’t find anything saying he’s not a gnome, so I’m leaving it.

Here’s Ron The Gnome with a whole bunch of gnomes:

“Aw, HELL no that’s a lot of gnomes.” – Will Smith, Untitled Will Smith Gnome Project

Cue up this song and check out the rest of Ron’s gnome collection after the jump:

(pics via Splash News)

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