The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Makes You Wish It Was 2012 Already


The only problem with the new The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer is a distinct and glaring lack of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. How can we decided whether or not we should be excited for the next 11 months if we don’t even get a peek? The rest of the trailer will, of course, make you want to build a time machine and travel to July 2012, maybe a few days before it comes out so you can get tickets, and find parking for your extremely conspicuous time-traveling orb.

There are the crumbling skyscrapers a la the Dark Knight Rises poster, a clear shot of a creepy Tom Hardy as the villain Bane and a wheezing Gary Oldman, though no Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Marion Cotillard just yet either. Considering that the trailer declared the film the “epic conclusion” to the three-film series, we guess that means rumors of a Batman reboot are probably accurate. So….since you’re already in that time machine, would you mind stopping by 2013 and do whatever you can to prevent Arnold Schwarzenegger from getting re-cast as Mr. Freeze? Thanks a ton.

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