The Hunger Games Book Club: The Five Biggest Winners And Losers From THG


We’ve reached the end of our Hunger Games Book Club (sniff) and we’re here to bring you our final book report before we drift off into the sunset and into the arms of Catching Fire. Let’s recap what goes down at the end of the Games: The muttations attack! They kill Cato! The Capitol revokes the rule saying both District players can win! Katniss and Peeta go to kill themselves but before they do The Games end! They continue to fake their relationship and…they leave the door open for Book 2. So where does that leave us? Wanting more, obviously.

We all know The Hunger Games is about landing on top — so who are the Biggest Winners and Losers from the first book of the series? Let’s count ‘em off.


1. Peeta: He lived! He proved himself to be smarter than anyone thought, including himself. And he got the girl — kinda. Regardless, he solidified himself as the dreamiest pushover in Panem.
2. Katniss: She won the Games — not just for herself and her sister, but for her entire District. Being the mockingjay is a ton of pressure, yes. But is it worth it? YES.
3. Haymitch: The drunk redeemed himself with an impeccable strategy, but only because he had the talent to make it happen. Still, he proved himself to be somewhat lovable — when not acting like the lush that he is.
4. Cinna: Hey may just be a fictional stylist, but the image overall he gave Katniss is the stuff Hollywood dreams are made of. (Lindsay Lohan could stand to find herself a real life Cinna right about now.)
5. District 11: Though Thresh and Rue both died, they were among the most noble fighters in The Games. Classy always wins.


1. Peeta: He loved the girl and she stomped on his heart, only to fake her love for public affection. The only thing worse then unrequited love is when the object of your affection pretends to love you back. Kinda makes you wanna go on a bread binge, eh?
2. The Capitol: You played the Game by playing the players, and they played you. Played, much?
3. Effie: The insufferable chaperon of the District 12 team made it clear she perceived her wards to be beneath her — until they won, of course. Just a warning, Effie: douches always die in these things.
4. Cato: What a creep! We’ve never been more excited to watch an (kind of) innocent teenager suffer an untimely death at the paws and mouths of dogs with human eyes.
5. Gale: Sorry dude! You lost the girl because you never told her how you felt. Now she’s caught up in a weird half-fake romance and you’re hunting squirrels by yourself. Sounds like the stuff country songs are made of.

Who are your biggest winners and losers from THG? Hit us up on Twitter at @thefablife using the hashtag #Vh1reads (and chat with me: @katespencer). Everyone who follows @thefablife and tweets using our hashtag will be entered in our tweetstakes! We’ll be announcing the winners next month — may the odds be ever in your favor.

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