The 10 Things We’re Looking Forward To On The Jersey Shore In Italy


The new trailer for the 4th season of Jersey Shore is here! Now with 100 PERCENT MORE ITALY!

Needless to say, this looks like a ‘Tragedia Nazionale.’ Here are 10 Things We’re Looking Forward To On This New Season:

10. Snookie Using The “Doucher.” Finally, a convenient way for Snooki to wash her poof out. Also, big ups to Vinnie for knowing it was a bidet and not pronouncing it “bid-ette.” We always knew he was the smart one.

9. The Side-Eye Michaelangelo’s David Is Going To Give J-Woww. That cracking you hear is his marble penis moving.

8. The Situation Trying To Convince Girls To Call Him La Situazione. And the aftermath, where he tries to convince them to get an “aborto.” (Aw, it sounds kind of cute in Italian!)

7. The Deena and Paulie Make-Out. When Deena says “What happens in Italy stays in Italy!” what she really means is… she swallows.

6. The Weekly Fongul Count. Drinking game: Take a shot every time a real Italian tells someone from the cast to go f*ck his or herself. Be warned though: You will die of alcohol poisoning.

5. Snooki Hitting A Cop Car, i.e. Italian Cops. Yay.

4. J-Woww’s Nipples Winning “Italy’s Most Realistic Pepperoni Slices” Contest. Hosted by Guy Fieri, no doubt.

3. Sammi Getting Debarked. Huh… in a two and a half minute trailer, we didn’t hear one “Rahhhhnnniiieeee” out of Sammi. Have her v-chords been tied? Ideal.

2. Ronnie Killing The Situation. Best Donkey Kong ending ever.

1. Snooki Doing The Robot In A Neckbrace. An entire season defined by one unforgettable image.

The new season of Jersey Shore premieres on MTV August 4.

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