Cher And Lady Gaga To Sing Together On “The Greatest Thing”


Because sometimes the universe is kind and responds to our deepest wants and desires, a Lady Gaga Cher duet is on the horizon. “Can’t wait till GaGa puts her Voice on ” The Greatest Thing ” SHE WILL ROCK IT SO FKNG HARD !,” Cher’s Twitter read last night. The song “The Greatest Thing” is slated to appear on the Burlesque star’s upcoming album, as well as an album we’re putting together called Now That’s What We Call Appropriately-Named Music!

It makes sense that the song was destined to feature both divas, seeing as how Lady Gaga and RedOne gave it to Cher to record in the first place. It seems almost trite to assume that this song will be a gay club hit, but then again is a trite to assumed that air would make an excellent thing to breathe?

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