Dream House Trailer Seems Like A Bad Omen For Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz


Now that we’ve seen Dream House trailer, we have a lot of questions about how Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz ended up getting together after meeting during filming. In the incredibly spoiler-y trailer, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star plays Will Atenton, an understandably confused man who may or may not have killed his entire family, including wife Libby…who played by Craig’s now-wife Weisz. Oh, also she and his children might be ghosts. Or hallucinations. Either way, something horrible has happened to them. Naomi Watts guest stars!

Look, we know that on-set romances happen all the time, and true love comes into your life when you lease expect it, and yadda yadda yadda, but do you see that wallpaper turn all old and peeling when the little girl’s hand passes over it ? Seriously, was Daniel Craig writing his love notes in serial-killer mirror writing, because that is where our mind immediately went.

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