6 Movie Remakes Starring The Hero Chihuahua


We’ve all seen yesterday’s clip of the chihuahua heroically foiling a Los Angeles-area burglary. Now, the next step: Turning the viral videos of yesterday into the fast-tracked, unnecessary movie remakes of TOMORROW (and yesterday shortly thereafter).

To capitalize on this hero chihuahua internet phenomenon before Chris Brown kicks Justin Bieber, here’s a list of 6 Potential Movie Remakes Featuring The Hero Chihuahua (who’ll be played by dog-actors, obviously):


Replace the plane crash with a burglary. BOOM! Remaked’d.


Tom Hanks could reprise his role but he’s the Captain now and he keeps yelling “you’re WAY outta line, Hooch!” and Hooch is a chihuahua. Also in the trailer he says “I’m gettin’ to old for this shih tzu.”


This would come out the same month as the Turner & Hooch remake and be the same thing, just with a different Baja Men song over the end credits.


You wouldn’t even need to reshoot anything, just drop the actual footage of the burglary into this existing film and re-release it. You can keep the line where they probably say “Love is RUFF.”


Might as well take another run at this.


This film has nothing to do with dogs, but I enjoy it and I’d like to see a dog in it and if you disagree then we’re done here.

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