Little Boy Pouts At Giants Game; Is Rewarded With Lasting Internet Fame


As though my body needed ANY MORE REASON to get “accidentally” pregnant, there’s this video. A little boy at a San Francisco Giants game throws a pouty adorably little fit after not catching a foul ball destined for his tiny little butter pat hands. The ball in question was caught by a grown ass man sitting in front of him, who waves it around his head in an effort to impress his girlfriend who is clearly going to be a terrible mother one day.

All the while, there the little boy sits, next to his adorable unphased brother and hot Dad, with his tiny, ball-free arms crossed and his bottom lip sticking out to Looney Tunes proportions.

This is what we like to call in the industry an “announcer’s dream.” Watch as the announcer’s follow the drama of this foul-up, and the Disney ending that will make you feel happy today.

So what do you guys think? Did the adult man who ruined that kid’s day do the right thing? I have a feeling if he would have known it was on TBS, he would have swallowed his pride and handed it over. Comments section debate please.

(via the Yahoo front page, which translates to your parents have probably already seen this.)

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