Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Brought His Adorable Dog On Fallon For You


Hey girl, Ryan Gosling’s Jimmy Fallon interview was super cute last night, probably because he knew you’d be watching it today. While visit the show to promote his upcoming movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, your boyfriend brought his floppy dog George along to the set, complete with a sock over his leg to prevent him from chewing on his foot. Ryan even taught that dog to eat an adorable apple as opposed to a big sloppy bowl of Alpo for you. The only reason we don’t think Ryan is a cyborg programmed to make us fall in love with him are those loafers. No man can be completely perfect.

If earlier  this week you were wishing you were a middle-aged weather man after Ryan Gosling lifted Al Roker a la Dirty Dancing, today you’ll wish you were a Turkish bath employee, who’s stomach apparently got wedged in Ryan’s mouth during a scrub-down, according to his anecdote. ““Don’t judge me, but you know how when you eat something weird your brain sends your tongue to investigate?” Gosling timidly admitted. Oh, to be that hairy, sweaty man-belly for a day!

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