Lindsay Lohan Slapped With Lawsuit Over Betty Ford Incident


You can set the clock on your microwave by how frequently Lindsay Lohan gets into legal trouble. If this new lawsuit ever goes to court, the time will be approximately half-past crazy-cray. TMZ reports the suit stems from Lindsay Lohan’s Betty Ford incident last December, after which clinic employee Dawn Holland claimed a drunken Lohan man-handled her, lost her job for talking to the media and later issued a letter defending the actress. While battery charges were dropped by investigators, Holland is now seeking at least $1 million for “great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering,” which is what we’re going to get if we have to cover a new Lohan trial so soon.

Meanwhile, the judge overseeing Lohan’s probation for the jewelry store incident is reportedly peeved that the Gotti actress hasn’t finished more of her community service or signed up for counseling in the months following her sentencing. If rumors are true, maybe Lohan’s boyfriend Spencer Falls is too much of a distraction for Lilo to get right with the law? When will these male models learn that orange mocha frappucinnos aren’t the solution to everything?

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