Ryan Gosling And The Time He Went To The Turkish Baths


Ryan Gosling with his dog George, wearing a sock on his “Hot Spot.”

Oh, audience, we have been given a beautiful gift. That’s because the carrier of man’s most perfect DNA Ryan Gosling appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and the best part? He’s sockless. The second best part? He’s there with his equally famous dog named George, who IS wearing a sock. George is a literal genius who barks when you speak to him and only eats apples and wears a single red sock. In other words, these two must slow dance all the time.

Gosling is there to promote his new movie Crazy, Stupid Love, and while there is a lot to love about this entire interview, it’s the story he shares about his time at a Turkish Bathhouse that we are labeling as “Must See Internet TV.” If only to picture a naked Ryan Gosling getting oiled down by a large, hairy Turkish dude. And then how he licked that man’s stomach. It’s a little nauseating, but if you swap “Turkish Man” with an image of yourself hog-tying the guy up on a massage table, believe me, this free video pays back for itself in no time.


Quick Question: Gosling is Canadian, right? Just wondering why he’s starting to sound like a Goodfellas extra… He just moved to New York, but Rye-sies, you don’t have to sounds like you’re from Bensonhurst to get people to respect you! I mean… don’t get me wrong… it’s perfect.

(via The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Blog)
(Photo via The Fab Life)

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