10 Adorable “Robsten Bubble” Moments At Comic-Con


Let’s all admit why we really tuned into live coverage of the Breaking Dawn panel at Comic-Con yesterday: to obsess over Robsten‘s every move, duh! We’ve gathered ten of the most awww-inducing, positively darling instants in the utopia known as the “Robsten Bubble.” GIFs and photos of the moments ahead.

10. The KStew Claw

9. Thigh Grab

8. Synchronized Fidgeting

7. Secrets, Secrets

6. “I look like an inflatable frankfurter”

5. “The Twilight Saga: Breakfast Time”

4. Insidery Giggles

3. “She Only Watches the Cooking Channel”… “You benefit!”

2. Adoration

1. Blatant Bubbling During The Photo Call

Bonus: Dueling Sexy Stares!

Update: Rob and Kristen’s Cineplex interview was just brought to our attention and we couldn’t resist this crying-for-a-GIF moment!

[Photos: Getty Images, Splash News Online]

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