Drive Trailer Reminds Us That Ryan Gosling Is Also A Badass


As much as we squee over the adorable aspects of Ryan Gosling, like bringing his dog George to visit Jimmy Fallon or being our fantasy husband in Blue Valentine (well, right up until the end scene), we also need to be reminded sometimes that he is also a cut-from-marble example of hard-core badassry.

Enter the Drive trailer, which premiered at Comic-Con and costars both Carey Mulligan and Christina Hendricks, both toned down for the occasion. There are so many moments in this movie that serve to hammer home Gosling’s tough-guy persona: the terrifying bald mask! The flipping police cars! The nail about to be literally hammered through that guy’s skull! But then they throw us a bone with a Mulligan/Gosling slow-motion kiss in the elevator. This film truly has something for everyone. Especially creepy mask enthusiasts.

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