What Should RPattz Do With His ‘Do?


One of the highlights of yesterday’s Comic Con coverage was discovering that Rob Pattinson had not altered his half-short, half-long haircut that he received on the set of Cosmopolis. (See photos from yesterday’s Twilight: Breaking Dawn panels) Without dropping any spoilers, the hair is a big plot point in the book/upcoming movie, and we just assumed he’d buzz it all off when the shoot ended. Can’t you just imagine Kristen Stewart popping some pies in the oven and then going after him with an electric razor while Bear barks at their feet? Er, at least that’s how we envision it, anyway.

But in true Rob form he’s left it untouched and doesn’t seem to care how ridiculous it looks – which we love. The guy is not vain to the point of hilarity (remember last summer’s giant road trip beard?), and it’s his lack of vanity mixed with his God-given good looks that make him even more attractive. And honestly, it doesn’t look bad. It’s like the male version of it girl Alice Dellal‘s hairdo, and it will now probably become a trend among hipsters who desperately want to look like they don’t give a s**t (but actually do).

We want to know what you think Rob should do with his hair. Vote in our poll and offer up your style advice in the comments. While you’re at it, check out this cute interview Rob and Kristen did together for Cineplex yesterday. You get a good look at his hair in action, as well as some other favorite RobSten staples: Rob laughing at himself and hugging his knee, Kristen mimicking his accent and trying to convince the viewer that the bit Rob is doing about audience size is not how he really feels. Please don’t ever break up, you two. The world needs your cuteness to survive.

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